Data Corruption: Calendar Editor calendar permissions are not term specific

Steps to Reproduce
Add the ‘Calendar Editor’ position to a scout multiple times with non-overlapping start/end dates.
Modify the calendar permissions for one of the terms and/or delete one of the terms.

Expected Behavior
Only the leadership term being edited should have its calendar permissions modified.

Observed behavior
When you edit (or remove) one of the terms, the calendar permissions are applied to all of the terms.

Real world use case where this is an issue:
Scout is currently a Patrol Leader, and is currently setup to be a Calendar Editor for his own patrol only. The same scout has recently been elected as the Senior Patrol Leader for the upcoming term. He has a future leadership record for SPL entered and a future Calendar Editor leadership record entered, but in this case the calendar permissions are set to the Troop calendar. As a result of this bug, the scout’s current calendar editing rights are switched the Troop calendar. If you edit the current Calendar Editor term to put it back to the patrol calendar, then the future Calendar Editor record is also switched to the patrol calendar.

so you are saying (today) you enter a start date of Aug 1 - today they are troop access @JoeMcKinley

I see a bug where a patrol editor has access to the troop calendar

Give them a current Calendar Editor position that expires June 30,2022 with Troop calendar access.
Then give them a future Calendar Editor position that starts July 1,2022 with Patrol X calendar access.
Note that they now currently have Patrol X calendar access, but not Troop calendar access.
Edit their current Calendar Editor position, and pout it back to Troop calendar access.
Note that their future calendar access is also set to Troop calendar access.
Delete their future position.
Note that they now currently have NO calendar access.

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