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Day Camp - 2021 Theme Booklet, Weird Science

The 2021 Cub Scout Day Camp Theme Booklet – Weird Science has been released.

It is posted on BSA’s Cub Scout Day Camp page.

I guess my council doesn’t follow Nationals themes. We did that in 2019 and we were supposed to do super heroes last year.

Ours is reusing our canceled 2020 theme, Jurassic Cubs

Our other themes-
2019 was Choose Your Own Adventure
2018 was Super Hero Academy
2017 was Cubcraft (Minecraft theme)

The National themes reflect what they use in Camp School… When I advised the Cub Camping programs we did themes that we liked such as Dinosaurs and Fossils, Wild West, Space, Folktale Heroes and such. We tried to get a 5 year rotation so we could store theme related materials for future use instead of having to reinvent the wheel every year. There is no requirement to follow the camp school theme schedule and even national has altered their themes now and then.


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