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DE&I Merit badge requirements?

Hi all - any word on the release of the requirements for the soon-to-be-required DE&I merit badge? Word was the requirements would be out in early December.
Please, no comments on whether this merit badge is a good or bad idea - that has been argued ad nauseum in other threads and I don’t think it has changed anyone’s mind. I am just looking for the details of the new badge so I can support our scouts.

Scout Executives were supposed to turn in Comments last Friday for consideration. We would HOPE National moves it along for release in some manner.

Thanks! I appreciate the update!

Sure would have been nice for them to ask some of us mere PAYING plebes for our opinions

Sure… So if they update the Aviation Merit Badge, you’d have the same comment about wanting feedback incorporated from the “Paying Plebes”?

Aviation is not a brand new fast tracked Eagle required merit badge. So, it’s a bit different wouldn’t you say?

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are proposed merit badge changes usually open to comment?

Admins, please close this topic. My question has been asked and answered.

I specifically asked folks not to editorialize on this thread. It’s disappointing that this request was not honored. If you have your own opinions on this merit badge, that is fine, and you are entitled to share them. Please start your own thread.

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