Deduplicate adult accounts

Hi, Scoutbook folks,

I’m writing for help with the account(s) of one of the adult leaders in our troop.
For several years, (name removed by Moderator) has been an account for one of our scout parents.
Last year he became CC, and a new account was created for him as (name removed by Moderator) (SB ID 11166219; BSA ID 135234213). The two accounts have the same email address.

We discovered the problem when (as a new Merit Badge Counselor/42) he couldn’t sign off requirements. We realized his name was (name removed by Moderator) instead of (name removed by Moderator). Because he logs in with an email address and both accounts use the same one, he can’t change which account he gets into.

Can you deduplicate these accounts without destroying his more privileged access, losing his password credentials, or unlinking my.scouting?

Thank you!
Pete S. (SM)

@PeterSchoenhoff This is fixed.

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Thank you! This is working perfectly now!

  • pete
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Hello, I am having the same problem with Elizabeth Murray in Pack 152. There is also another name linked to the same email address which is misspelled “Elizabeth Murry”. Can you please remove “Elizabeth Murry” all together. Everything is correct with Elizabeth Murray - .

Moderator: Removed e-mail addresses. We can fix this issue without them listed in a public forum.

@ElizabethMurray1 this is fixed

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