Default Permission

Is there a way to have default permission for a parent or scout to allow them to view the profile of everyone else. (ie, find a phone number or address?) Must this be done one parent at a time every time a new scout is added?

With Extension you can click Scout name in manager and apply the same connection to all adults

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That requires going in every time a new scout is added to your account. For example I have 15 scouts that were recently added. Doing this one by one takes a while.

To your initial request - some units don’t want parents connected that way.

To Donovan’s point - with the Extension, using the Permissions By Position feature, it updates everyone at once- which is better because it also updates leader connections the way you want. For example - if you have an ASM that needs to be connected a certain way, it will do that at the same time. If you have multiple new scouts at the same time, it will fix everyone’s connections and permissions with a single update.

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