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Delete a Scout from an Activity for Camping (in Internet Advancement)


I followed your instructions, however, when I click the Pen Icon, I don’t get the screen you showed. Instead this is what I see:

I am a Key 3 delegate.

@CharlesOlson you did not do the first step which is to go to History on the Roster page.

Thank you, but I’m still stuck. The issue may be that my activity (May Campout) is in pending status. When I click on the Scout May Campout isn’t yet listed.

I would like to delete Aaron from this event: May Campout (tent nights=1):

You’ll see there are 2 for Aaron in pending: May Campout (tent nights=1) and May Campout (tent nights=2):

When I drill into Aaron, he shows nothing pending. Not sure what that means.

Then I selected History. Note: neither campout are listed.

I tried selecting Aaron.

Then went to his camping log. On his camping log you can see the 2 events:

When I select the edit button on the one I want to delete, I don’t see an option to delete the Scout from the event.

Ok - I misunderstood you and thought I had to click on the Scout. I didn’t see the shaded pen that’s between the Date and Recorded By. The first time I tried to remove it, I got the endless loop. I had to exit and righn back in and it worked. Thank you.

to delete and follow the directions I provided you need to click here

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I’ve updated my screenshots with descriptions just now. I did go to history. I’m very confused. Are you also willing to call me?

click History
Search for Scout
Find the activity you want to change and click on it
it is all in my original post

hopefully a better way to achieve this will come soon

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Neither events I created are in history. Note: they are both in a pending status. I’m thinking this is the issue. How do you get an event from pending to approved? I’m using the Troop Admin role. I’m really the Camping Coordinator and this is my first time using Internet Advancement.

yeah never thought of that - select the things under Pending Approval - the far right click Approve

I don’t see an option to approve. Do you know what roles have approval rights? What role are you?

key 3 - so you are going to have to pull others in to help

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Thank you for describing the process; not very intuitive but I was able to figure it out after reading this thread a couple of times. For those still having problems, it’s important to “search” the history. What was getting me stuck was that I would click on history, see the event, but then I didn’t have the option to modify. It’s not until you SEARCH the history that you get the pen icon. The key here is that I would see the event just by opening history, and also when I searched for the scout in history, but I could only modify after doing the SEARCH.

I also logged an incident with BSA and here is response: Scoutbook Support Incident SSD-102660, from William Bennett: “Thank you for contacting Scoutbook! I’m happy to assist you. The Key 3 leaders will need to approve the logs. We are working on giving access to other roles to approve the logs.”
So, if you are not a Key 3, then you cannot approve the activity log entries and they don’t go to the history tab until approved. My Comm Chair said only 3 people in the Troop can be Key 3 in Internet Advancement: Scoutmaster, Comm Chair and Org Rep. So, me as camping coordinator can no longer do for the Troop. I can enter the activity and assign Scouts, but a Key 3 will have to do the final approval. And if I make any errors, I also don’t have edit access so a Key 3 has to approve and then they can edit.

@DonovanMcNeil Question: We LOVED using the OA Eligibility report in Scoutbook this year. Our 3 Key approved our May camping nights last night in Internet Advancement. However, the OA Eligibility report does not show the camping nights. I validated that the Activity Log Report in Scoutbook does include the tent nights. Should I report this an an incident?

An updated OA eligibility report is in development and will be released soon.


@DonovanMcNeil I need to add a scout to a camping activity but only see the camping activities that I created, not the ones that were created by my predecessor. Can you please give me some direction.

@YoliJohnson - it sounds like that is from the old log system - you cannot do that then. Before the logs were really just for individual scouts, not unit events. Now you can manage an event in whole. What I would do is just create a new activity and add that one scout.

Thank you for your clarification! @DonovanMcNeil

I didn’t see an announcement about it, but the updated OA eligibility report is up and running. Thank you.

The updated OA Eligibility Report was announced in the June 3, 2020 Scoutbook Updates Change Log post.