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Delete a Scout from an Activity for Camping (in Internet Advancement)

I didn’t see an announcement about it, but the updated OA eligibility report is up and running. Thank you.

The updated OA Eligibility Report was announced in the June 3, 2020 Scoutbook Updates Change Log post.

Thank you!!! Donovan…this was so helpful!! I have been scrambling around and around trying to figure out how to remove an event from a scout. appreciate all of the help.

I am hoping that eventually there is an much more easier way to do this…but thankful for your help!!

We are having SIGNIFICANT problems using IA for activity entries. This is not a user friendly application and it is slow/glitchy. This change has become a source of great frustration to our troop and diminishes the willingness of volunteers. This data is vital for ease if use. I feel your pain, I’m Advancement ASM for 2 troops. Sigh.

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