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Delete entire calendar?

We’re trying to import our Google calendar and running into issues. There are a number of dupe entries so we’d like to delete the entire sb calendar and try a fresh, clean import.

Is there a programmatic way to do this or are we stuck going through and manually deleting a year’s worth of entries??

I believe one at a time is the only way.

Hi, @MichaelWeiss, did you import the Scoutbook calendar to the Google calendar, or link it? Or was it the other way around (imported a Google calendar to Scoutbook)? If it’s imported either direction, I think you’re stuck deleting each individual item as @RickBerg wrote . If it’s linked, I think the suggestion below might work for subunits, but I’m not sure how you would do it for a unit calendar.

If it is a subunit (patrol) calendar, you could temporarily move all of the scouts to a “holding” patrol, then delete the existing patrol (which I think will delete the associated calendar, including past events if they exist). Then, you should be able to create a new calendar and rename the “holding” patrol to the real patrol name. You would need to link the “new” Scoutbook calendar to the Google calendar with a new ics link.

thanks Rick, Charley.

Charley - this was only re: importing (eg. CSV ported in via the firefox extension). Using the ics feed to subscribe is not giving any problems.

Welcome to 1999 online calendaring I suppose. We’ll make it work with our current tech.

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