Delete manually entered SB profile

Good morning,
How do I delete a profile that was erroneously entered manually? The SB User ID is
13356008. The correct profile is being transferred over to our troop.

Thanks in advance.


@AlexanderLes that is fixed

Thank you very much.

I see that you imported his transfer. Will the other Scout’s transfer process overnight?

Well I had to end the troop membership that was not official - the scout needs to apply to join the troop or the unit needs to transfer them in

I processed 2 transfers via my.scouting…one for this Scout (3291) and the other for 6189. I see that 3291 is present in Internet Advancement but not SB. 6189 is not present in either. I assume both will appear in both places overnight?

Has receiving unit accepted the Transfer? It is set to not current

Where can I approve it?

It would be a Troop Key 3 going to > Unit > Application Manager - also either there or on beascout setup you can setup auto accept youth applications

I’m a Key 3…neither transfer appears in my.scouting application manager.

beascout brings me to the same application manager in my.scouting

@AlexanderLes I would call your council

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Does it show up under completed applications in application manager? You have to click it to expand/unhide them.

Hasn’t yet…I believe that since I initiated the transfers today it will take overnight for them to appear. I will reach out tomorrow if they don’t.

What method did you use to initiate the transfer?

The transfer tool in

They came in overnight so all is well.



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