Delete old duplicate unit account

Years ago, our troop considered using Scoutbook and set up a temporary, short term trial account. Ultimately, we decided against Scoutbook in favor of another application. Now when we come back to Scoutbook, we see two accounts for our unit - 1) the original “test drive” version w/ only 2 scouts, and 2) the new sync’d account with up to date troop roster, etc.
They are similarly named (T60, the old version and T60 B, the new up-to-date version) which makes it even more confusing.
How do I delete the old account and just have a single account for our troop. Additionally, can that single account name be changed to T60 instead of T60 B?

can you get in the old troop? If so end scout memberships and adult positions and it should just disappear

Hi, Eric,

Regarding the “B” vs “non-B” issue, the “B” distinguishes the unit as a boys’ unit versus a “G” which would indicate a girls’ unit. This was implemented because some councils were assigning the same unit number to boys’ and girls’ units at the same charter. Otherwise, there was no easy way to tell which unit is being addressed in Scoutbook.


Once you remove all Scouts and leaders from the old T60, you will need to send an e-mail to with the UnitID in the URL for T60 and ask them to remove the unit.