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Deleting Adults from Roster

I am attempting to clean up our roster for recharter. I need to delete several adults from our roster. I can not find out how to do this. In my opinion this new system is not user friendly. I much prefer TroopMaster!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW…I reached out to the person in charge of recharter in my district 5 days ago and have not received a response. It’s very frustrating when you don’t get the support you need to complete this process!

If you use the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook, you can use the Connection Manager to quickly end their connections to most Scouts. If they are a Troop Admin / Patrol Admin, you will need to put and end date on those roles, first.

After you have removed most of their connections to Scouts (except for their own children), go to your Troop Roster page, then click on their name, click on a position with your unit, then add a Date Ended. After all of their positions / roles with your unit have been ended, they will drop off of your roster.

Dropping them from your roster in Scoutbook will not currently do anything with your recharter roster.

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