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Deleting an Event (again)

Is that the list of events on my dashboard or the calendar where you have to select that den from the gear icon?

I see them in the calendar, I do not see it in events on my dashboard. I do also see it in up coming events when I go under the den. I attached a screenshot of the calendar, all the Friday meetings should not be showing up.

Thank you. That is helpful for reporting it to the developers.

Little more info. I as the den leader of the Tigers am using the DLE to run the meetings. I do go in the Scoutbook and add event reminders and I have noticed now that the last two meetings never had the reminders sent out. Is this an know issue?

For any officials or devs that are following this, as I know it’s a fairly hot topic, I wanted to share what I tried to resolve the problem of not being able to delete events.

I had created the events on DLE automatically and didn’t like how it put them. I already covered some things, some things were to be done at home…etc. I just wanted to wipe them out and only add meetings that I actually wanted. So one of the resolutions was to delete the Den and create a new one since those events were tied to the Den I would be deleting.

After doing that, I still see these meetings when I navigate to the Unit. What’s worse though, is since these meetings can only be edited in DLE, I cannot access them at all anymore (The Den was removed). So now, not only do I have meetings I don’t want, but I have literally no way to edit them.

@JustinMartin Please send an email to With all the details.