Deleting items from camp to re enter them correctly without the 20 comments

I had a parent insist on importing from black pug . Needless to say 747 items later most of its duplicate stuff and other things missing completely. if I do the mass approval then I have to look though 10 some odd scouts to see who is missing what. I want to delete it all and enter it myself. Can this be done? The 20 comments are under each item where they imported them but did not realize they did not have approval permission.

You may want to test this with just a few at first; but you should be able to use quick entry to record approvals without having to delete any advancements. SB shouldn’t ‘duplicate’ anything.

The problem is the 20 notes under each entry the redundancy drives me nuts but guess it will just be there

There is no bulk delete. You would need to delete items one at a time.

The comment duication is a result of a Quick Entry bug that is being worked on. The extension uses quick entry in the background for importing from black pug