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Den Advancement in Scout book

Please remind me how to advance my dens to the next rank in Scoutbook. Thank you!

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Edit Den > Advance Den

Start with youngest and move to oldest - it is less confusing that way

Correction: Start with Bears and work your way down to Lions.

Donovan, isn’t it better to start with oldest and move down to youngest?

Webelos dens don’t move up, but you are able to change their name.


yes - my bad - I was wrapping up a court of honor script. Start with Bears advance to Webelos, then you have no bears den. Much easier. Duh

You need to go into a specific Den and add the scouts into that particular Den. I agree with the oldest to youngest, as it is less confusing for the user. You’ll need to release the AOLs first. I am curious tho if their Scout Troop can then pick them up? or do they need to enter their information all over again?

@ElizabethTanner - no need to move scouts around at all. The second year Webelos can get a name likewise the first year. From lion advance the den to tiger, tiger to wolf and so on.

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