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Den chief for lions

I have a couple scouts in my associated troop that are interested in being a den chief. I just became a lion leader, due to a leader moving, and was wondering if anyone has used a den chief with the lions? I also think using den chiefs within the pack is a great way to show the cubs what to look forward to in scouts. Thoughts?


Den Chiefs are supposed to be reserved for the older dens (Wolf-Webelos), because Lion and Tiger dens have a shared leadership model with the Adult Partners.


Otherwise, I think Den Chiefs can be a great addition to a den and pack.


Thanks for the input. As I said before I just took over as the lion leader and this is my first experience in a pack since I was a cub so Im not all caught up on whats changed since I was a cub and since I took the leader training a few years ago when I was the day camp director.

If you don’t have it already, I would highly recommend that you get the most current Lion Den Leader Guide.

And this article might help highlight some of the changes that happened when the Lion program came out of the pilot stage:

After roaring success, Lions will move from pilot to full-time part of Cub Scouting


I agree that the BSA’s intent is pretty clearly for den chiefs to serve cub scouts at the Wolf and higher levels. That said, I actually had den chiefs in my Tiger DL year, and I found them to be a great deal of help. Seeing older “boys” being focused and on task helped to focus my Tigers, generally better than having their parent hanging over them. When we had more “technical” tasks, the den chiefs (I had a pair of twins serving) also helped with execution of the program while the parents focused on maintaining discipline.

The den chiefs were also a great resource for me as a leader, in that they were able to suggest ideas for “supplemental activities” I might not have otherwise contemplated. I generally had to “dial back” the idea to make it Tiger-appropriate (e.g. our den obstacle/skills course), but they brought a perspective on the program that I thought was very valuable. Lion year might not be a good time to introduce den chiefs, but I had a lot of success with them and my Tigers.


I thought I had a den chief when I was a tiger as well but that was many years ago haha. I would think having a den chief as a resource for the younger cubs would be helpful as well. thanks for your insight. I do have a scout that is interested in helping our big tiger den so that might be helpful. thanks

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I am currently an Assistant Den Leader for the Tigers. We do have one of the oldest scouts from the Troop acting as a Den Chief for the Tigers. I have found it helpful with setup and if I need a second or third set of hands to handle stuff. I try to use them as a resource to keep a game running while I talk with the parents about what is upcoming and other things.


We used a den chiefs for Lions and they are great resources. Not only do they help out, they show the kids how they should behave by example. Our den chiefs play important roles at our pack events too, the more the merrier. The den chief grows and learns with the den in his or her leadership roles.

We require our den chiefs to be trained by a district trainer. So they know they are going to be lion den chiefs, and they seem okay with that as well. Maybe ask your local district or at round table what other’s do?
Our pack and local troop are okay with lion den chiefs. They are great with the Troop Recruiting and keeping kids in scouting long term. Older boys and girls tend to be role models for kids in a different aspect than parents or adults tend to be, so I always believe it is a positive experience.

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If one isn’t concerned with fulfilling a Position of Responsibility, then there is a ton of help that scouts can provide a pack outside of “Den Chief.” And I would see nothing wrong with scouts helping with Lions within some framework. The big thing is don’t change the program.

Lions started after my son went to Scouts. But when he was Tiger my meetings tended to follow a pattern of opening ceremony, introduce the topic, work with adult partner on the activity. Having said that, a scout to lead some games, or be a floating helper would have been great.

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I would purposefully have Den Chiefs at the younger age.

These kids have the shortest attention spans. A Den Chief can lead a game between activities.

It’s fiction that the parents at this age participate, I find the opposite is true.

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This year we have den chiefs for every den, and in previous years we didn’t have enough so assigned starting with older dens and working our way backwards. Our philosophy is if you have a boy that wants to volunteer, don’t turn him away. They could be an adult volunteer in the future!

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Thats great that you have enough scouts to be den chiefs for your pack!

Let’s remember that female members of troops, crews and ships can also be den chiefs and future adult volunteers.


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