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Den Chiefs added to Scoutbook

I’m so glad that Den Chiefs have been added to Scoutbook to link to the different dens. Unfortunately, when I started adding in the current Den Chiefs, there were only options for Wolf and above. Our Pack has a Den Chief assigned to each den, and I would love to add our Lion and Tiger Den Chief. Is this going to be an option in the near future?

Looking forward to hearing a response.

Lion/Tiger Dens do not have Den Chiefs as they have full Parental Assistance - that is a national policy


Not realizing that den chiefs were supposed to start at Wolf, we started Tiger year. We had 17 scouts join Tiger year. I could use all the help we could get and we actually had two Den chiefs. Wolf year we split into two Dens since it was hard to find other volunteers that first year. Webelos year back as one Den but two patrols. In the end with some new scouts joining along the way, we crossed over 9 scouts.Also gained two girls in their own den making 11.

I highly recommend national consider den chiefs can start at Tiger. They help a lot for any parent volunteers who are new to scouting. I also highly recommend Wood badge for Den leaders early on. It would have helped a ton if I was willing, instead I waited to Webelos year. For context, I earned Tiger through Eagle as a youth.

One thing you need to be careful of is your den chief getting Eagle and turning 18 before den crosses over to Scouts BSA. This happened for one of our den chiefs while the other was able to help throughout program and earned Deb Chief award.

The BSA does not monitor these forums. If you have suggestions, I recommend you pass them along through your Council professional staff.

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