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Den Chiefs for Lions and Tigers

@CharleyHamilton asked in another thread whether there was a prohibition regarding den chiefs being assigned to Lion and Tiger dens. To avoid cluttering that thread, I’ve started this one.

Prohibition is too strong a word. However, the den chief position is not intended for Lion and Tiger dens, because each Scout has an adult partner, If the adult partners are participating, there usually won’t be much for a den chief to do.

I have only one den chief right now. I ask her to work with either Bears or Webelos, depending on what they’re doing. If I though the Lions or Tigers could use her help, i would ask her to do that. I would only think about asking a den chief to work with Lions or Tigers permanently, if I had several den chiefs.

Here’s somethin official that supports den chiefs are for Wolves, Bears and Webelos - https://scoutingwire.org/need-know-lions-integrating-cub-scouts

Thanks, @PeterHopkins.

One of the reasons I asked was that the New Lion/Tiger DL guide here (https://www.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/510-23318-LionTigerDenLdr_WEB.pdf) talks about using Den Chiefs. For example, in the snapshot below.

If that was being specifically deprecated, I wanted to make sure that our affiliated pack was aware.

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Yes, I’ve seen that before. It is sloppy work. Lion and Tiger dens do not have den chiefs or assistant den leaders.


That discrepancy has been in the Lion and Tiger DL guides since they were released in 2016. This same question was asked years ago in the Legacy Forums and the discrepancy in the DL guides reported. Apparently this has not been fixed.

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