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Den Leader cannot enter advancements for his Wolf Den

My husband is the Den Leader of the Wolf Den for Pack 121. He is unable to maintain his CubScouts’ requirements and advancements. Please help.
And if there are specific steps that he or the Pack Admin need to do, please explicitly state those step-by-step here. I am acting as the go-between as we are all working our corporate day jobs and also trying to sort out ScoutBook as well when we can. (This has been ongoing since April 12, 2021, so this is super frustrating…)

He said his “fixed” account is:
BSA ID# is: 136384993
User: Tmullinax

NOTE: he has 2 IDs in myscouting.org which Atlanta Area Council assisted him with on Sep 7 (what they exactly did, I do not know); he also recertified his YPT on Sep 3.

Thank you.

@KrisMullinax what it looks like is he was not registered before 4/12 - Have admin update the Den Admin and apply the Den leader position to the correct den - the rest should be fixed now

HI Donovan, where does Pack Admin have to do this (myscouting.org? in SB directly?) Can you please provide us the exact step-by-step menu path that the Pack Admin have to do? Thanks!

In SB > have them go to unit roster > click his name > click Den Admin > click Update

Then go to correct den and Add Leader > Search > find right person then add them as Den Leader

I’ll relay the steps. Admin pesron is not available until this evening; I’ll come back with an update thereafter. thanks

These steps worked, many thanks @DonovanMcNeil. We can close this topic.

@KrisMullinax A Pack Admin has added him as a Den Admin. I would recommend that they also add him as Den Leader for his assigned den in Scoutbook.

Also, when he logs in to Scoutbook, he should log in with his my.scouting username and password – not his e-mail address.

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