Den Leader Mistakenly Created Duplicate Account

I’m the CC for Pack 366 in Baltimore Area Council. I have a Den Leader who mistakenly created herself a duplicate SB account. I think the intention was to create her husband an account. They are going to need to create her husband an account because he is going to be registering as an adult leader to become our YPT Champion. I suspect that the duplicate will have to be deleted as it probably wouldn’t be possible to turn it into his account.
Anyway, the accounts have different BSA ID numbers and she is connected to her son on both. The one that has her DL access is 14811975. The duplicate is 14816884.

@DavidRhudy that is fixed

Thank you for taking care of that, Donovan.

FYI, the best way to avoid generating a duplicate in that case is for him to hold off on creating a Scoutbook account until after he creates a login at my.scouting.
Then, he can login at Scoutbook with that username/password combo, and get that account linked to their scout(s) by the unit (if necessary).

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