Den Leader: Need help to delete/archive old username

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Hello! My issue is still not resolved and I am unable to see my scouts in my den. They are in there, but I don’t see them (please see the older post link as a background).

In an effort to start anew, would someone just please delete this email from the DB (or archive)? I do use that as the Google login and is the core issue. I would like to use a different email address but I’m still connected to that old one. Thank you!!

You have Sign in with google turned on - BSA has no control over their system - so if that email for Google log in is old that is an issue to deal with Google. not the BSA - it is their system not the BSAs. But even if you do not use that email anymore, if you can still log into the account you might be able to fix yourself

Are you saying you don’t know your gmail password anymore? They usually have recovery options.


If you are unable to log in with your old Google account, you can ask your Council to open a ticket to change your account from Google Login to BSA Credentials.

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