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Den leader not automatically a connection with scouts in her den

I am trying to sort out some problems one of the den leaders for Pack 129 is having with Scoutbook.

Kati Oard at one point had two profiles, though I think that has been cleared up. One of them had her email address misspelled, and that profile now appears to be gone. Kati Oard (BSA ID
136484196, User ID 10312631 Username Katioard) is listed as the Wolves den leader for Pack 129, but new scouts added to the den do not automatically have Kati listed as one of their connections. If I do a search to add Kati, no Kati Oard shows up, but Katharine Oard does.

Katharine Oard not listed as a connection:

Katharine Oard listed as a connection:

If I click on Katharine Oard’s connection with Eric, Mark, or Mason, the name Kati Oard, not Katharine Oard shows up. Kati did say that she listed her name as Katharine, but her nickname as Kati, which may explain that oddity.

But, why is she not automatically added as a connection to the scouts in the Wolves den? Also, and this may be related, when she sent me screenshots of what she sees in Scoutbook, she cannot see that she is listed as the Wolves den leader, but I can. At least, when I go into the Wolves den, she is listed there as their den leader, but if I go into her profile, that position is not listed.

What’s going on? Do I need to remove her as the Wolves den leader and re-add her? Will that fix the problem for future scout s added to the den?

Katharine is not listed as a den admin for the dens where she is listed as a den leader. In order to be automatically connected to Scouts in the den, the den leader must also be a den admin.

Have a unit admin go to her positions page and add the den admin role for each den where she is a den leader. She will then be connected with full control.

Note: I changed the names of the Scouts to initials because we do not want Scout names in the forums and they are not needed for debug.

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Thank you! I knew I was missing something obvious. Also, thank you for scrubbing the names. I’'d meant to do that before I hit submit.

@StephanieWorden Somewhat unrelated, but I see a Wolf Den Leader position for her that is not approved. I recommend that a Pack Admin go in and approve it.

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