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Den Leader & Other Position?

BSA does not seem to allow a den leader also serve in another official position, as mentioned in the recent CR post, and I wondered if any of you think this is a good plan. I agree that we shouldn’t make one or two people effectively run all pack functions, but is it too much for a den leader to be the treasurer, or some other role as well? Thanks!

Hi, @JonathanSchalliol,

Although I personally agree that the restriction is counterproductive — and most units I have been involved with typically depend on one or more adults filling multiple roles — I haven’t made any headway pushing back against this, at least at my local level. So, the units I’m involved with continue to do what they have historically done: register our leaders in a primary position, then have them fill whatever additional functional positions are needed to help make the unit run.

I understand the BSA’s logic in some regards, but it just doesn’t make sense if you have people who are willing to take on multiple roles, especially if you have parents who are unwilling (or unable) to take on those roles. I do, for example, agree that there should be some functional role restrictions. For example, having one person hold more than one of the Key 3 positions seems like a bad idea, IMHO.

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Thanks for the note, and it’s great to see eye-to-eye. I am a committee member for a Scouts BSA Group and for a Venture Crew, and that’s not a restriction there. It would be great if we did just as Charley says and limit to only one Key 3 and perhaps a limited number of other roles. The reality is that it’s happening anyway all over but people have to force it to make it work.

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