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Den Leader Training Award

I posted a couple weeks back about Lion Den Leaders being eligible for Den leader training award, as of the 2018 print.

As written, it is not possible to meet the required 1 year tenure as lion leader (since they can’t start until kindergarten and rank advance < 1yr, in May). Part of the requirements is to have at least 70% scouts rank advance, so I take that as tenure with one den (not staying on as lion leader for the next group of scouts). I think the same tiger tenure should apply to lion (not 1yr).

So, my question is… If you think there is a valid change or typo in a BSA award sheet, who do you contact / request evaluation from?

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Have you talked to your District or Council Training Chair about it? They would be the ones who would approve the award. They might also know who to contact at national to get the form changed / updated.

I think that it might be an oversight, and “Tiger den leader’s tenure” should probably say “Lion den leader’s tenure”.

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Well, there’s nothing that says you can’t be a Lion Den Leader two years in a row…

… still nine months at a time …

Yep, but nine months twice will get you there. And, since there’s a caveat for Tiger leaders who don’t spend a year as a Den Leader, one would assume Lion Den Leaders will get the same benefit of the doubt.

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