Den Leader - Unable to see den roster; unable to see my kids' information

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  1. First issue: I see that I’m marked as a den leader, but I don’t see the my den’s roster and their advancement information.

  2. Second issue: I don’t see my own kids’ advancement information–just their member ID information in the ‘My Application’ section.

Background note: My username email address login was formerly used for our older son who was in cub scouts about 14 years ago. If I’m able to also update the email address username to the email address I have on file, that would be appreciated.

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Well you should be using Google to log in - you have sign in with Google turned on for your registered account. Check with unit leaders to make sure there are Scouts in your Den in Scoutbook. @KristineMarcotte

@KristineMarcotte once we know that works we need to retire the email log in so you do not have issues

Hi @DonovanMcNeil - really appreciate your reply! This message forum has been very helpful.

Unfortunately, my personal email (ending in is not associated with the username of scoutbook–it’s assocaited to my old username email address (ending in

Is it possible to retire that existing username and I can work with my pack leader to start my registration anew? Thank you!

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