Den leader unexpected name change / new role

I just noticed in Scoutbook that the first name of one of my den leaders has been changed to their spouse’s. I contact the den leader and this was news to her as well. Other than the name, all the personal info in my.scouting and Scoutbook (email address, phone number, DOB) appears to still belong to the den leader. The spouse is not registered with BSA and the den leader says that she has never added his name to anything (other than FOS).

I also noticed a new Den Admin role added to their profile just recently on March 16, 2022. Under optional notes for this new role it shows “Added by SB-3158”. I’m not aware of anyone in our unit adding this role.

Any insight into what’s going on here?

User ID of the member is 11542718 and BSA member number is 13647087 if anyone would like to research this.

@JamesMayled What is First name supposed to be? Sarah?

Correct! Sarah is the Den Leader’s first name

Well the Registration is under this name? There are 2 sarahs in system on a youth, on born in 1967 - but that is a different council

Yes the registration should be under this name.

@JamesMayled Sarah or Linn? which should have registration. This appears to be a council issue

Sarah is the registered Den Leader and Linn is the spouse. I can get with the council on this, any information I should pass on to them from your perspective? Thanks for the assist so far

I see no name change in system, the council needs to look at this as a CBC might be tied to it

@JamesMayled - the den admin was announced in the change log on 16 march

Sarah is not the registered Den Leader. Only Linn is registered in your unit

Oh okay unrelated data point then. Thanks for clearing that up

maybe someone messed up recharter

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