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Den leaders award

I will be presenting a den leaders award to a scouter that was a Webelos leader. Does anyone know if the Webelos devise can be worn to denote that he earned it as a Webelos leader? I know for the green training knot you are able to wear the Cub scout, Scouts BSA, Venturing etc. device to denote which program you earned this training award for. Do the Cub Scout knot devices work the same way for the den leaders training award?

Hi, @JeremyPenner,

I only got the knot, not a device to wear on it. I wasn’t aware that a device even existed. Maybe the devices are newer than my knot?

Or are you thinking of re-purposing the parent rank pins?

ETA: Oooo! Cool. They do exist.

@CharleyHamilton No there are actually specific devices for square knots that denote cubs, Webelos, Scouts BSA, Venturing, Sea Scouts, Varsity, Commissioners, and District Committee. I’ve been on the Scouts BSA side of the Program for many years and im just getting involved with my sister pack and I am in charge of getting the awards so I’m not quite sure how they work on the cub side.


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@JeremyPenner, you are correct. You add the miniature device, Tiger, Cub Scout, or Webelos, for the type of den. Check out the Adult Awards page on the National Capital Area Council website <>


Den Leader Training Award

Supply Item Description and Uniform Placement

Medal; Knot: Den Leader Award, gold knot on blue, No. 5016. Tiger Cub Device; Cub Scout device, No. 604950; Webelos Scout device, No. 932. Worn above left shirt pocket.

Thanks all for your help

So does the device go thru the square knot badge or next to it? Where is it placed precisely?

@DavidMarquardt, the pins go through the patch and shirt. If you have earned multiple awards represented by the same knot patch, they are centered I a single row on the patch.

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