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Den Leaders Not Able To View Scouts

Several of my den leaders are unable to view scouts in their den from scoutbook. I have disconnected and reconnected scouts from den and leader then added them in. This did not solve problem so I have disconnected leader from den and then added them back. This was unsuccessful as well. Has anyone else had this problem?

Also I have parents who when I invited them to us scoutbook they have full access to their scout. This is allowing then to add requirements that have been completed. Options are shaded where I can not make changes. How do i fix this?

@FeliciaEason - how are you adding them as den leaders ? On the topic of parents, they will ALWAYS have full control. They however can not approve items as that is the leader’s responsibility.

I disconnect scouts from their den and then from their leader. I think I may have worded that incorrectly in original post.

Easiest Fix for Den Leaders could be making them Den Admins also.

In the Guide To Advancement it clearly say Parents are the Primary AKELA for their Scout

Thank you! I’ll add that and see if it fixes the problem.

I see that now for parents. I thought maybe I had entered them in incorrectly. I have several parents completing requirements.

We just ran into this with some new scouts that were added. No one with Den Admin or Pack Admin could approve acheivements for the accounts. You must go in an Update each leader’s role to apply the Full Control to the new scouts.

This is an account management bug that really needs to be addressed…new Scout accounts should inherit the permissions of the dens/packs they are assigned…should not have to click “Update” for all pack leaders when a new scout is added.

@FeliciaEason - as Donovan noted, the parent is Akela and the leader verifies and approves.

We have some scouts that we can’t give full access to a den leader. It shows the yellow outline circle for view profile only. In cubmasters acct this can’t be changed. Where you usually can click on the circle to change these scouts in connections manager these do not have a clickable circle to change from view profile to full access.

@FeliciaEason - I would recommend that you go to t he roster, then on the leader side, choose that leader then positions, then den admin and den leader click on each one then update. This should be done from the unit admin login. Also make sure the agree box is checked before clicking update.

@FeliciaEason Make sure that your Den Leaders are all Den Admins in Scoutbook. Sometimes their Den Admin connection needs to be reset using the steps @Stephen_Hornak described above.

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