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Den Meeting Allowance for Pack Meetings

So this is my 3rd year being the Cubmaster and I decided to become a Den Leader this year as well. I love the new Leader.scouting.org app/website, however, after building the calendar and telling the software that we have Den Meetings every week, I noticed that I don’t have an allowance for Pack Meetings. The last Tuesday of every month is our Pack meeting. If I go to edit that Den Meeting if I bump it out a week, it double plans the next week! The very first month, it happens to be part 1 of a 2 part lesson, so I can’t even just push it out until later in the year, without moving both parts. Just wondering if I am missing a way to get the calendar setup and allow for the Pack Meetings, and if not, that would be a great edit for the developers. Thank you!

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