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Den Parent has 3 UserID's - need to merge and fix email address

I have a Den Parent who has 3 Scoutbook User ID’s and two of those User ID’s have a BSA Membership ID attached to them; can these be merged into one primary User ID?

Correct User ID in the parent’s correct last name is under 11284258 and has BSA Member ID listed under that userID as 136922226 with an incorrect generic email address.

The second User ID she has is under her previous last name (is now divorced) is 10962760 and has BSA Member ID associated with that User ID as 131797366 and the email address to that userID is incorrect and no longer valid.

The third User ID she has listed under her previous last name but has her current correct email address is 10164157 and has no BSA member ID associated with that account.

@LaurenDutrow I think this is all fixed

Thank you so much!!!

Hey Donovan- looking at these forum threads it looks like you are the go to for correcting a no longer active email address info a parents profile- is that correct? Is there a way to open a ticket on a specific user account? Or do we just post the scout member if here? The latter seems like a non secure way to exchange information.

Any help is welcome-


there is no info leak posting a BSA # - that is usually all we need - along with a description of the problem - often the correct email is already in another database. Users can also fix their own emails under edit profile

Cool- thanks.

My parent has no access to prior email account.

User ID: 10430769
BSA: 13454901

Correct email address:

If my prior post needs to be edited or removed let me know. Kind of infoSec aware!


Looks like you already took care of it! Thanks

@AndrewStrain this is all cleaned up

Thank you! Have a great day-

I have one more to fix slightly different issue. I am trying to add mom as a connection to BSA ID#136659363 UserID# 10580299 and it’s saying her email address is already being used by a youth member and won’t add her.

@LaurenDutrow the above is fixed

Thank you so much!!!

Have a parent with two user IDs and can’t login to account.

BSA ID# 136622049

USER ID# 10536298

@RyanChamberlin that is the same user - and they have logged in today - about 2 hours ago

This is what pops up when trying to log in.

yes that is a deleted MID - have them try now

Awesome. Thank you so much.

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