Deny a parent entered event - camping

I had a parent submit a camping event via the Scouting parent app. I had already entered the event and accounted for the nights.

I can not delete the parent submitted entry from the pending approval window. The only option is to approve but that’s not appropriate. We need a deny button.


@GlennSimmonds - on that entry is there a pencil icon… if so click on that and in the right hand side is the scout name with an x to the left of the name, click on the x and delete the scout and then delete the event.

Beyond that the DENY a parent is really not cool

There is no pencil icon.

I did finally figure out that clicking the scout’s name, both the incorrect parent entry and the correct Troop entry were presented. I was able to select the incorrect event and via the 3 dot option, I was able to delete the incorrect entry. The scout is now appropriately credited for the event and the incorrect item has disappeared from my need approval view.

Parents make mistakes in the digital app and the system needs to enable leaders to correct them, preferably in an efficient manner, hence the request for a reject/deny/delete option on the Pending Approval view. Fortunately this was only 1 error. If there were dozens to clear, it would have been a lot more work to correct using the method I used here.

The request was not meant to impune the parent. I simply chose the shortest word that meant the opposite of Approve as shown in the menu options.

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