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Deny a Pending Activity

I have an overzealous parent who keeps adding service hours and hiking miles for her son. Unfortunately these things were completed with the troop and logged in by me. So I have the option to approve these things…but no other choice. I have accidently approved some trying to figure out a way to fix this. Is there a way to “deny” these so he doesn’t get double credit? Is there a way to delete the multiple items once they have been approved. Thank you.

Well, you could remove the Scout from the group activity and let the individual activity stand so that the miles/hours/nights are correct while you train your Eagle Mom on how your Troop’s process should work.

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Are you able to edit the individual entry to remove the miles, etc.?

It also sounds like you need to get this parent on your committee. Don’t fight their scouting excitement. Tap into it in a productive way. But also have a conversation about who does what within the troop.

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I have the same problem with pending items. There needs to be a way to delete them. Especially when the parent enters them when they weren’t properly earned. As for now, I just have to ignore them.

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