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Difference in Quartermaster Square Knots? ~

Quick question! What is the difference between the black quill quartermaster square knot and the white quill quartermaster square knot? Do you wear one over the other on a specific uniform? Which one is worn for Scouts BSA uniform, New Century uniform, and Venturing uniform? I have been rather curious about his difference. Thank you for the intellect and help on this matter.

  • Jordan “Orca”

Navy background goes on the navy uniform. The white background was for the old white uniforms. I think some ships still wear white, but we’re all encouraged to go with the current uniform.

(yeah, I like the whites… but there’s a billion reasons to not wear them, and only one reason to wear them… and since that reason is “I like them” the other billion reasons outweigh it).

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Thank you for the information, Paul!

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