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Different Trained Patches? ~

Good morning all,

I have always been curious as to the difference between the trained patches. It does seem like they are all very similar, but are some newer versions of others? For instance, when would you wear the red trained patched over the green one? I will list the trained patches I have found in numerical order. Could someone please explain the appropriate wear them?

1.) Cub Scout Trained Leader Emblem, SKU: 18120

2.) BSA Trained Leader Strip, SKU: 280

3.) Scouts BSA Trained Leader Strip, SKU: 18064

4.) Retired Strip Emblem, SKU: 281

The two red patches are almost identical; however, it seems as though one is shorter than the other in width. Also, I have seen some of my friends who have completed NAYLE years ago wear a NAYLE trained shoulder patch. Is this patch official? I cannot seem to find many pictures of it online.

As always, thank you for your time and wisdom regarding these questions!

Yours in Scouting,
Jordan “Orca” Diliberto

The difference in size of the red-bordered strip is due to which version of the uniform it will go on. Some had a small sleeve pocket that the shorter one would fit better. These patches are currently intended for Cub Scout leaders.
The green-bordered patches are for trained leaders in Scouts BSA and also youth who have completed youth leader training.
The NAYLE program itself only offers shield shaped patches that are worn on the right pocket as temporary insignia.

There is conflicting information, but generally speaking, the trained patch goes with the color on the unit numerals. (Some units / councils might do things differently).

  1. Red (No. 18120) is for Cub Scout adult leaders, Venturers, Venturing adult leaders, district and council leaders.

  2. I think No. 280 is the older version of 18120.

  3. Forest green (No. 18064) is for Scouts and adult leaders in Scouts BSA troops.

  4. Black (No. 639675) is for Sea Scouts and Sea Scout leaders.

  5. There is also a NYLT strip patch that can be worn by youth leaders who have completed NYLT.

  6. The Retired strip patch appears to be a restricted item, and the BSA Guide to Awards and Insignia says it’s for council Scouters.

BSA Guide to Awards and Insignia - Section 3 Training Awards and Universal and Nonunit Insignia.

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