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Disappearing scout

I have a scout who keeps disappearing from Scoutbook even after he is added/reconnected. There is a note saying the scout has not been matched with a scout in your units official roster. He is on the units roster in my scouting. There is also a note saying his membership ended and it gives a date but he is still in the back. I am connected with him under connections. Please help

What happens if you go into their current membership, remove the position approved check, click update, go back into it, add the position approved check, and click update again?

He keeps disappearing overnight so I have to go into my connections to find him. There is no position approved check mark until I add it in

It sounds like the Scout is not registered in the Unit - what is the BSA # and we can take a look @RebeccaGolueke

When I go into my scouting account he is listed on the units roster

@RebeccaGolueke you can post # to see if we can help if you want

@RebeccaGolueke when the memberships are ended what does the Notes field say?

His number is 137194958

Yeah the one that kept disappearing did not have a BSA # - the one with BSA# was reassigned to a den with an end date by you 1/31 ??? does not make sense - but I cleaned it up and you should see membership come back after 4pm CST today

Agree. We found if the BSA # did not match was was different in MyScouting.org for your Pack or Troop the scout would have issues. This has happened to us in the past and you need to make sure the BSA # is correct and matches everywhere.

Crossing my fingers this works. Thanks for the suggestions and help

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