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Discontinued rank insignia

My son is going to be awarded his Star Rank patch at our next Court of Honor. His grandfather has sent him his old Star rank patch from the 70’s. My son wants to know if he can wear that on his uniform instead of the current patch that he is going to be awarded?

In have read the statement in the Guide to Insignia but I’m not 100% sure on how it applies in this situation.


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I found this. I think you are good.



Definitely. I’ve handed down several badges to be worn by the youngn’s. In fact, he can ask the scoutmaster to award his grandfather’s patch.

Those are the kinds of traditions most of us love to perpetuate!


As I recall the uniform inspection guide says that as long as the patch is neat and clean you can use it. Considering the emphasis placed on respect for tradition I would encourage it’s use!

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