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Discovery Award

For the Discovery Award Requirement 1 is Participate in at least two Tier II or Tier III adventures at the crew, district, council, area, regional, or national level. Would participating in an your OA ordeal and staffing NYLT qualify for these two events?

I believe the different Tiers are defined in the Handbook

Ordeal I would say no - NYLT maybe - but I am not in that program

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I would say OA ordeal is tier 1 (possibly??) and NYLT is tier 2.

According to the previous post the link says a tiger 3 is greater than 4 days and take a good deal of planning. Wouldn’t that put it in a tier 3? And a tier 2 is more than 1 day. A tier 1 is not an overnighter but that’s why I asked.

I guess it boils down to if NYLT is “outside the standard range of activities.”

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As Pathfinder 4(2) - seems to place NYLT outside of the tier system it is a tough call - " Participate in or serve on staff for leadership training such as National Youth Leadership Training, Kodiak Challenge, National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience, Order of the Arrow National Leadership Seminar, Sea Scout SEAL Training, or Wood Badge (for Venturers 18 or older). You may also participate in non-BSA leadership training courses such as those delivered by the National Outdoor Leadership School, if approved by your Advisor."

Yes but in both events I don’t believe there is enough planning by the crew to make it tier 2 and tier 3 respectivly.

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It says participate in the activities not plan. There are other requirements that say participate in x number of tier 2 and 3 and plan at least 1 of these. but the requirement I mentioned originally does not.

That was what I was thinking. Because it isn’t usually planned to happen throughout the year like a weekend camping trip or a bowling or movie night might be I was thinking, in my opinion, it might. But since I am new to the venturing program as a leader (my crew was chartered the day before the covid lockdown in Texas) and we haven’t had many opportunities to do activities in person I wanted to bet all my ducks in a row before we started going full swing.

One thing I always looked at when determining if events would for venturers is the focus. I would not consider ordeal as a venturing activity since it is scouts BSA focused. I would argue the intent is to participate in activities as a crew not individually.

I don’t think that’s really true anymore, since Venturers can be elected to the OA by their crew. That said, the other issues regarding crew-focused vs individual-focused activities seem more relevant in my mind, but I’m not a crew adviser.

This is no longer true. Members of Crews and Ships have been able to be elected into the OA for a while now. as far as participating the way I read that one requirement it could be fulfilled individually as other similar requirements in other awards or ranks state something to the effect of with your crew.

Sorry, I’ve been in the cub scout game for a few years and not had to deal with the OA. It looks like they opened up to venturing and sea scouts in 2019. If you had to, then yes those events could count bas tier 2 activities I would think. Bigger question is why the crew isn’t able to have regular tier 2 activities to count instead.

Normally I would be all for counting crew activities. But the opportunity arose during COVID when our units aren’t doing many activities as a group and I want to be able to provide as many opportunities to my scouts as possible to progress in their achievements.

I pushed heavy on leadership opportunities with my crew, but since they weren’t into the awards I didn’t think much about classifying them.

I’m glad I’m not currently advising a crew, precisely because the pandemic poses an existential threat to teens from diverse pods … and my crews always attracted such teens.

Your challenge, really, is to guide your youth to dig deep and come up with their own list of tier III activities. Then, tell them about the NYLT, and ask if they think it fits in with those activities or somewhere else. We’re all COVID addled, but soon enough this will be behind us. So it’s really time to for your crew officers to start acting like they own this program.

And they do. We are a young crew that is less than a year old and this is a learning opportunity for everyone in my crew and I want to give them as much as i can to succeed.

So does your crew want to focus on leadership training events, or would they rather focus on a trek (or a week of street theater … whatever interests them) where they get a formal leadership lesson some time each day?

This, I think, is the hardest part. Figuring out their desired focus, and defining the tiers around it. That’s why this pandemic is so rough on crews. They need to work harder to overcome the distancing to listen to everyone.

That’s why strangers on the internet can’t provide a pat answer to your question. We’re not in your crew. (Which, by the way, sounds like a great group of youth to be around.)

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