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Diversity and Inclusion MB

Does anyone know when the diversity and inclusion merit badge is coming out? And if so, what requirments will be on it. Will it be required for youth who have already started on their eagle rank?

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The BSA has not announced any details, yet.


@AceEifling - in an effort to halt mis-information such as this, here is the release:

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Yes I read this I was just wondering if anyone had more info about stuff like the requirments

@AceEifling - lets see… it is some 48 hours after the release… I think the boxes of pamphlets and revised handbooks are on the scout store shelf with dust on them already :slight_smile:


I would expect more information (if any) with the release of the 2021 requirement book


ok thanks. that will help some of my sccouts that are almost 18 and working on eagle.

The BSA usually makes announcements like this at Scouting Magazine or Scouting Wire.

For example, here’s the announcement for the cooking merit badge:

Bryan on Scouting: More details on the Eagle-required Cooking merit badge

(However, the cooking merit badge already existed as a merit badge – it was just moved from elective to required.)

I’d bet they haven’t even decided who will be writing the requirements, much less what they will be.

Also, there is usually a transition period for scouts to continue using old requirements to finish up the rank they are currently working on.


I really wish they would bring back stone cutting, dinosaur husbandry and some of the other classic merit badges of my youth.


Our the totem poles to be cut down?

No I don’t think so. They represent native.American culture and are not rasict.

The college team near here was renamed from the Otahkians to Redhawks in 2005 over cultural sensitivity to Native Americans.

I think they will make changes to the American culture s merit badge

no the announcement said it would be totally new. It said it would build of of american cultures and the citizenship trio.

It will likely be phased in with grandfathering. My best guess, based on prior changes of this nature, will be that it will be required of those Scouts who have not yet earned their Life rank. Until then, you cannot be Fully considered to be “already working on current Eagle requirements”. Yes, you’re earning badges toward Eagle, and perhaps even working on a project proposal, but they have to draw the line somewhere. Again, my best guess based on prior practice. YMMV


There is a lot of disagreement over the Diversity and Inclusion MB and the direction Scouting has gone over the last 10 year or so. Read the article and comment section.

The statue of Lord Baden Powell is on a list of statues to be destroyed but people stood up to the threat.

The release of the letter “BSA’s Commitment to Act Against Racial Injustice” has garnered more bad press for the BSA regarding bankruptcy and child abuses.

and here which also mentions Native American cultural misappropriation.
and here
and here

An Eagle Scout disagrees with the MB

Here is A statement from Chief Scout Bear Grylls. My opinion, Bear Grylls stated the position of Scouting a lot better than “the BSA letter.”

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As typical BSA is being tight lipped about any details. Here is what we don’t know:

  • How far along development this badge is
  • Will it add another to the required count?
  • Will it replace something on the required list?
  • Will it become an option to an existing badge on the list?
  • When will the badge be available?
  • Will rank requirements other than Eagle change?
  • Will it be required the day it is released?
  • Will BSA Follow history and allow a year to complete work under the old requirements?