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Diversity Merit Badge

Has there been any update on when the Diversity Merit Badge will become live and an Eagle-required?

Nothing official has come out on that yet

Understand that, any insight on its progress?

What I have heard is it is almost done
It will be Eagle required (there will then be 14 not 13 MBs- but total stays at 21.)

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@DonovanMcNeil, I wonder if Scouts like Life nearly finished will have to do another Eagle MB. I have Scouts that are Life that only needs a few MB’s and Eagle project to earn the Eagle rank. I would hope some type of guideline allow a grandfathering for Scouts nearly finished.

Some more beans were spilt here.
The badge will be rolled out on New Year’s Day. It will be required come May Day. So, if your Life Scouts hustle up, they can get by with the 13 required badges that they’ve earned.

I hope we se the requirements soon, because I have my mind to recruit a few counselors, but that will be a key part of my pitch.

I got caught up in the roll-out of Family Life back in the 90’s. Even though I earned life at 15, I still had to earn Family Life when I actually finished up my eagle at 17.99. Luckily there was plenty of notice, but it was one of those things that added to the fun, which I wouldn’t have had to do had I finished earlier.

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