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DL run meeting without an ADL/steps for ADL step down

Hello I have a few questions and hoping someone can help with this. First question is, Can a DL run a den meeting without an ADL? Can they run it if there’s parent present at all time during the meeting?

Also, if ADL needs to step down as she’s no longer able to participate because of a child she needs to care for at home and can’t find a parent to step up. Who is the ADL obligated to tell?

Can a CM step up if a ADL is needed in order for DL to run meeting? Is CM duty to announce vacancy for ADL, if ADL already attempted with the den parents?
Cub Master respond to this is DL can’t run the meeting abd that is that. I’m trying to understand better. Please and thank you?. Thank you kindly

No. All BSA activities require a minimum of two registered scouters 21+ with current YPT, at least one of whom must be female if you have female youth present.

I would tell the DL and Cubmaster, myself, but for some units they might want you to tell the Committee Chair.

Any two registered leaders 21+ count, whatever their registered position is (e.g. committee members could be ok, too).

I suggest looking through the Guide to Safe Scouting and Barriers to Abuse documents here:


As Charley Pointed out, you need two registered leader who are at least 21. They don’t necessarily have to be DL and ADL.

One other option is to have multiple dens meet in the same location, such as a school cafeteria where it’s large enough to space out but small enough that the other leaders can still see what the den is doing.

Also, the ADL could bring the other child with them. Depending on the circumstances they may be able to do their own activities on the side or participate along with the den. Worst case, the ADL is most caring for their child. They’d still count toward the two deep leadership rule as long as they are there.


Our group is only 6 cub scouts with parent present. Can DL run the meeting on their own without an ADL in this situation? There’s no female Cub Scout and leader is a male.


The policy is simple. In order to hold any Cub Scout meeting or event, there must be at least 2 registered adult leaders over the age of 21 present. If there is 1 or more female Scout present, there must be at least 1 female adult registered leader over the age of 21 present.

There is NO exception for parents being present. If your den cannot find another registered leader over the age of 21 that can attend, the meeting MUST be cancelled.

Note there is no requirement to have an Assistant Den Leader.


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