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DLE doesn't allow for past event tracking

Last night I did a den meeting and in DLE it was scheduled for 10/16. This morning I went in to record attendance and the meeting was pushed out to 10/30 (I do bi-weekly) and all subsequent meetings were pushed out. I was unable to put this back to 10/16 and made it 10/17. But when I fixed that meeting the rest are all still pushed out. Please fix DLE to instead of assuming you missed the meeting and want it rescheduled to ask the user what to do. Maybe we did miss it but that doesn’t mean all the others can be automatically rescheduled. Maybe we are just tired volunteers who after getting home from wrangling scouts wait until the next day to enter attendance.

I’ve pretty much abandoned the BSA in-house meeting systems. They aren’t ready for prime time. The granular control isn’t there. It’s a beta test program at best.

You are right this is a beta. But if people don’t use it and provide feedback then it will never get better. I am an experienced Den Leader and I’m using this system from the lens of a newbie. I think if this can become an easy to use it will help us recruit more den leaders which is a hard thing for us.

I hear you. It’s just such an early stage that i don’t don’t find it to be helpful it useful.

I’m also not an experienced den leader. Tiger Cub leader for about 3 weeks.

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