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DLE marks items as awarded

Is there a way to stop the DLE application from marking items as awarded in Scoutbook? I’m fine with the auto approval functionality - but marking an item as awarded in Scoutbook prevents the items from showing up on the “needs purchased” and “needs awarded” reports that advancement coordinators and Cubmasters use to purchase and give awards.

I just happen to be both a den leader and the advancement coordinator for my pack, so I recognized that we were missing stuff from the purchase report for my den so I went back to look for any auto-awarded items. I’m afraid that as more den leaders start to use DLE, they will not realize this and we will have some disappointed cub scouts when they don’t get the items they earned at the next pack meeting.

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@JustinAllman what exactly go marked awarded?

@DonovanMcNeil - here is a detailed list of what happened:

Last night (10-3) we did “Protect Yourself” and myself and the girls den leader tried taking attendance through DLE for the first time. After the meeting, I went into scoutbook to verify the adventure was marked completed and saw that each requirement was checked, but the overall adventure was not marked completed. Oddly I did notice that the dates for the requirement completions were 10-4 (the following day). I wanted to try this DLE marking advancements feature, so I left everything alone guessing that there may be an automatic function that marks adventures that have all their requirements completed at later time.

This morning I logged in and all my scouts had the overall protect yourself adventure marked both “approved” and “awarded” (so the yellow checkbox in scoutbook). The message said it was approved by “BSA administrator” with a date of 10-3 (even though the individual requirements were still incorrectly dated 10-4 for some reason).

The issue is being marked awarded made the adventure bypass showing on the needs purchasing or needs awarded reports in Scoutbook. I need to go purchase awards this afternoon for the pack meeting next week, so I manually unchecked the awarded box on each scout and had to change the date to 10-4 for Scoutbook to let me save. Now all the scouts are back to blue checkboxes in scoutbook and they show up when I run the needs purchasing report I have to use at the scoutshop.

My concern is most den leaders are not the advancement chair, so will not be accessing the purchase report and would not realize adventures are already marked awarded. This scenario will lead to items not being purchased and I really hate explaining to new 1st graders why they did not get their awards…

If you want to look into this deeper the unit info is Simon Kenton Council 441 - Worthington Park PTA Pack 3357 - Tiger den 4 boys & Tiger den 4 girls.

Also I’m guessing that this may be a “working as designed” choice from the developers assuming that all packs follow the guideline of awarding belt loops at the end of the den meeting - but this is not how our pack works. We purchase awards monthly and give them at pack meetings. We do this for two reasons:

  1. Our scoutshop requires scoutbook purchase orders for certain items, so we cannot pre-purchase awards before a meeting.
  2. Our scoutshop is 20 to 40 minutes away depending on traffic. Nobody is going to drive out of their way on a weekly basis to get awards - monthly is challenging enough at times.

Basically instant recognition is not practical for all units so we need a way to stop this behavior of DLE marking items awarded before DLE leaves BETA.

Until this is fixed, I’m telling all our den leaders to not take attendance in DLE and continue to record advancements in Scoutbook to avoid missed awards.

Hope that helps!

@JustinAllman - so Tiger - Protect Yourself?

@DonovanMcNeil - Yes

@JustinAllman - I am looking into the issue and cannot find where DLE marked these as awarded. We do mark them as leader approved, but not awarded. See screenshot from QA.

I know @DonovanMcNeil may also be looking into this, but this is what I found so far.

Here is the image from my end - the top completed checkbox was not checked last night after the meeting. This morning it was checked yellow (before I changed it back to blue). If I recall correctly, both lines said “by BSA Administrator” before I made the changes.

Yes, we do mark them as leader approved during attendance taking, but do not mark them as awarded. DLE will mark them as Leader Approved by [den leader name].

We are looking into the BSA administrator angle.

@MichaelaMonson & @DonovanMcNeil

I am attempting to replicate the behavior on my end with a scout that did not attend, and then I’ll remove the completion later so our records are accurate.

So far the DLE completion process is showing the same behavior in Scoutbook - requirements marked completed but the overall adventure still at 0% immediatly following attendance. If this acts like it did last time, tomorrow morning I’ll see the adventure marked awarded by “BSA Administrator”. I’ll post back tomorrow with the updated screenshots either way. Thank you both for your help with this!

@DonovanMcNeil @MichaelaMonson Here is the screenshot after the overnight process ran. Note the yellow checkbox showing awarded for the overall adventure (Tiger Protect Yourself).

@JustinAllman so does it show on Needs Purchasing? Odd there is no Audit Data

@JustinAllman - was the original day of the event 10/3?

It does not show on needs purchasing. Yes the original den meeting where we did protect yourself was 10/3.

We have asked the developers to investigate

This should be fixed now, thank you for bringing it to our attention.
Please test your end.

Testing it now, will let you know what happens in the morning.

Confirmed fix on my end. Thank you!

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