DLE meeting time not matching Scoutbook

Hi All,

Setup my den in the DLE after our Pack leaders have been having a disaster of a time getting Scoutbook to work properly for them this year. The times in scoutbook are an hour earlier (e.g. 5:15PM) than the time I’ve set in DLE (6:15PM). I don’t mean to come out guns blazing, but not even getting the timing right between the view that we can see and are supposed to create our meetings in, and the view our families will see, doesn’t qualify this as “beta” software.

The switch for Daylight Savings doesn’t factor in to the problem as meetings scheduled (and rescheduled) in either system have the same problem (DLE consistently one hour later) no matter what side of the Daylight Savings switch date they are on. I’ve issued a bug report in the sentry.io feedback, but wanted to put this here, since I feel that it is important to point out that I can’t even schedule a meeting properly right now that I can trust won’t break at some later time, and I want to make sure I’m not the only one having this problem.

DLE displays in the actual time zone of the unit (or maybe user). SB displays Central Time. There is a development effort scheduled to fix time zone issues in Scoutbook.

Thanks @jacobfetzer, I saw mention of a Jira board. Is the backlog and prioritization publicly viewable? Is there a system like uservoice for folks to list priorities from a customer perspective and allow upvoting of what is most important to us to get off the ground this Fall?

No, the BSA does not provide their priority list, and they do not have a formal voting system. The primary mechanism for that is these forums.

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