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Do I have to purchase the advancement for it to appear on the advancement report?

I am the new Advancement Chair and we have found some loops/badges in our stock. I’d like to use them and save our pack money. The problem is - they don’t show up on the advancement report if I’m not purchasing them. Anyone know a work around?

Technically loops do not have to be on advancement report.

You could do one of two things: make one purchase order with only what you have on hand, to produce an advancement report for those things. Or just put everything one a purchase order with notes of what you do not need to buy.

Thanks so much. I’m learning but slowly. ha!

And if you are using Scoutbook - it is serving the purpose of the advancement report in recording the advancements when approved. The Advancement report is proof to the Scoutshop that you entered the items in the National System - OR that you have not by using another system or just hand recording and the Council needs to electronically enter it for you. So as I see it if you are not going to the Scout Shop for an item you already have in inventory, and you are using Scoutbook, you really don’t need an Advancement Report for that.

@Aleshawalker, I have that very situation today. I will bring the Advancement Report to the Scout Shop with 45 items listed. I have 3 of those items in inventory already. So I will just buy the 42 I need. When I close the purchase order, Scoutbook will think I purchased them.

I don’t use the Scoutbook purchase order. Instead, I make my own comprehensive shopping list in Word. For instance, this month, I’m getting a Cyber Chip Recharge pin. There ins’t a way to get that onto the Advancement Report or purchase order in Scoutbook. I’m also buying 19 Journey to Excellence patches, 15 police station visit patches and 3 Messengers of Peace rings. The Messengers of Peace rings won’t show up on Scoutbook, because they were earned by Lions, and Scoutbook won’t let you enter them for Lions.

Since the items I’m buying never exactly match what’s in Scoutbook, I just use it to produce the Advancement Report and never print the purchase order. I don’t even look at the purchase order.

If you want an Advancement Report for items that you already have on hand, then I recommend putting those items on a separate Purchase Order (PO), and then close the PO. You can View Closed Purchase Orders at any time and access Advancement Reports from closed POs.

Then create a new PO for items that you need to purchase. There is a Notes section in POs where you can add additional items that you would like to purchase. You can also export POs to a CSV file, if you would like to add additional items. I like to use the PO as a shopping list, but sometimes need to add a few things, so the CSV export option can come in handy.

Please be aware that advancement items need to be marked as Approved overall, but not Awarded in order to appear on the Needs Purchasing Report / Purchase Order.

Or if you use the hard copy of the purchase order as your shipping list (I don’t), you could just cross out the items you have on hand or change the quantity.

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