Does bsa take child abuse seriously?

If BSA takes sexual abuse seriously, it would ensure that it’s online training is properly functioning.

I am renewing my YPT Training (in our Troop, we renew it annually) and the module entitled “Sexual Abuse v2” keeps stopping at the 23:11 mark, and when the play button is hit, the module goes back to the 21:15 mark. This problem is happening with two separate devices, so it’s not my device.

This is not a one time problem. I have been a volunteer for many years and have experienced problems with the YPT modules and difficulty navigating BSA’s poorly designed website.

Why punish volunteers who are trying to complete the training by making them jump through needless hoops and then making sure that it’s hard for them to get in touch with someone who can fix the problem? Where is the readily accessible email address and telephone number for IT support for people who encounter problems?

Scott Lucas

@RonaldBlaisdell Can you address this?

@ScottLucas need some additional information:

  1. Are you doing this on a desktop or mobile device? If mobile - which one are you using?
  2. Operating system
  3. Browser
  4. Has the browser cache been cleared, or, are you using a private browsing mode (such as an Incognito or Private browsing window)?

After another 90 minutes of re-taking the same series of segments this morning I figured out a workaround. Instead of clicking on the next arrow, or the continue button at the 23:11 mark, I clicked on the photo of the next story, and that worked. Very frustrating. Someone should fix the website and the YPT training glitches.

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