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Does National have recommended content for pack bylaws?

Hello fellow scouters!

I have volunteered to update the bylaws for my cub scout pack. It looks like several packs have posted theirs to the internet, so that’s a start.

National has guidelines in so many areas, however I couldn’t find anything related to bylaws. I would certainly appreciate tips from readers of this forum as to their sources for inspiration when developing their own bylaws…or links to National’s recommendations.

I want to believe that the legal and organizational brain trust at National has a preferred outline, template, or boilerplate.


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National does not have any recommendations to my knowledge.

Here is a skeleton based on my personal recommendation. This is written up so all adult members of the pack are members of the pack committee. Feel free to modify to suit your needs.

Sample Pack Bylaws.docx (52.7 KB)


I have never seen any recommended bylaws either. My unit has never had a need for them. The sample posed by Paul look reasonable for any unit looking to establish them.

No organization “needs” bylaws until the time comes that they need them, and then if you don’t have them it’s too late.

“Be Prepared” … just a thought! :slight_smile:


Cub Scout Leader Book, 33221, Copyright Boy Scouts of America, 2018 printing, SKU 646725, p. 94, “ADMINISTRATION” chapter, “Den and Pack Management”, “Pack Procedures”, paragraphs 2 and 3:

… Creating a set of bylaws or operating procedures is not necessary; all packs operates by the guidelines described in this manual.

Pack procedures should not conflict with national or local council policies or with the policies of the chartered organization. For example, packs do not have any options when it comes to how the official uniform should be worn, how money-earning projects should be approved, or other policies described in this book.

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There is a lot of truth in this. A good set of bylaws provide guidance and limits to the officers of an organization, and may help keep the peace in time of trouble.

I honestly don’t know if the pack I was in has bylaws. I know the troop I started doesn’t We haven’t had a need. Now you might want to develop operating guidelines. Those are very helpful, but will change as the situation(s) change.

Bylaws are mostly a framework which the program already provides. Having said that.

If you “don’t have bylaws” in your unit, then the bylaws are the bylaws of the charter organization. Remember that legally a scouting unit is just a sub-organization of the charter organization operated in cooperation with BSA.

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You probably ought to have something written down before you have to deal with any big problems… Define who needs to be involved in financial decisions, what’s the quorum for committee meetings to handle business, etc.

Also, the GTA says that the unit can determine what is considered “being active in your unit” when it comes to advancement, so having that written down somewhere helps if you have to make the decision (or defend the decision) about a Scout’s involvement in the program.

For complicated reasons, our Chartering Organization was not able to let us use their bank account. To get our own Wells Fargo account setup, they required that we have Bylaws that (at minimum) outlined who has signature authority on the account. We drew up a very simple set, very similar to what Paul M. posted at the top of the thread and it has worked pretty well.

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I believe that units and organizations should function with the least amount of bylaws possible.

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