Does Scoutbook allow Leaders who are not BSA registered?

Scoutbook appears to allow people to be designated as Unit Leaders who may not actually be registered with BSA. Is this correct? If so, I would like to suggest that Scoutbook at least require a BSAID in order to make someone a leader. It’s not a perfect validation, but it makes it easier for Units who are trying to use Scoutbook as the Unit repository to maintain integrity with Council.


Yes, Scoutbook allows leaders to be added without a BSA#. The reason for this is to allow communication with leaders before the BSA completes the paperwork and assigns a BSA#.

Any adult that has a account has a BSA#, however, it is possible to take in-person YPT and register without ever logging in to These people would not have a BSA# until the council processed the application. In some councils, this can take an extended amount of time.