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Does ScoutBook get updated from council or is it only one-way?

So, my oldest just crossed over 2 months ago. The troop is using TM to manage and log advancements. I actually understand that quite a bit when you have something that you paid for and a team of individuals who know how to run that tool. So, since they are using TM, they are not putting advancements into Scoutbook and I assume submitting to internet advancement or turning in advancement records (I really don’t know about that portion).

My question is if they are following that general process, would Scoutbook then be updated once the data is received by the council? I would imagine that the data exists both ways, it’s just that probably the only piece of data that would get updated in SB would be rank and Merit Badges completed (no progress\partials or other pieces of info like leadership, camping, service, etc.). I was just wondering if the ranks and such would get updated.

The advancement sync is 2 way. After a unit has submitted advancements via Internet Advancement, they will show up in Scoutbook, although it can sometimes take a few days. Internet Advancement only tracks overall completion. Ranks, merit badges, and awards will be updated in Scoutbook if the particular item exists in both.

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I should add that items that come in from Internet Advancement or ScoutNET will show up as approved “by BSA Administrator”.

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One note in the 2 way tracking. Only completed items are tracked two way.