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Does simply being a register Scout entitle scout to advance to Star, Life and Eagle ranks?

What is meant by “being active in the troop” under the requirements for star, life and Eagle ranks? If a scout doesn’t participate in troop activities should he/ she be denied advancement.
Also, if a scout was awarded a leadership role but does nothing during their turn but simply holding tittle, does that afford them the privilege of advancing?

The Guide to Advancement answers these questions.


As Ed stated the Guide To Advancement (GTA) (https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33088.pdf) provides the answer to these questions:
Section “Active Participation” starting on page 20 of the 2021 GTA provides the details of “being active in the troop”.
Section “Positions of Responsibility” starting on 22 of the 2021 GTA provides the details of the leadership roles.
Hope this helps


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