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Does your troop pay for committee member or adult leader recharter fees?

Yep, that’s a pretty good sized troop around here, as well. We also have plenty of troops with 10-15 Scouts in them, and at that point it gets a little tougher to pay for adult memberships and all the other incidental expenses out of troop dues.

We pay for all adult registration fees. But between covid probably going to affect our annual fundraising efforts and the membership fee hike things will be running tight this year.

It really depends on the size of the unit, the budget, and how the committee wants to attract and retain leaders. I’ve been in units which worked both ways. Our unit currently does not cover the leaders in recharter. When recharter fees were lower, it was nice to be able to cover the SM & ASM’s as a way of saying “thank you for what you do.” Most adult volunteers dedicate a lot more time than just “a hour a week” to scouting - knowing it’s a volunteer job. So I do understand the sentiment. Unfortunately today, the recharter costs are crazy high and no one knows what is going to happen next year. Even putting a unit policy out there to cover just a few leaders can now run in to hundreds of dollars. Where left over change from camp outs might have covered the cost before, now you likely will need to have a plan to meet the funding need. One idea maybe to cover the SM’s recharter only at first as a test. It would be important for the Treasure to budget & identify the source of funding for whatever the committee’s decision is early in the budget year.

Our troop does. It is a situation of “fairness”. If someone is willing to step-up, they shouldn’t have to pay. This is part of the troop dues. (Total adults x $36) / # of Scouts. For summer camp, we only pay for the Scoutmaster and one adult female. Based on our size, we only “need” 2 adults. These items and advancement items are really what make up unit dues.

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