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How do grants and donations work? I am somewhat new and now part of a committee and needing ways for our pack to get more money. What are the do and do nots?

Hi, @BoyMom,

There is a lot of useful information here:


Although it’s via troopleader, the information is equally applicable to packs.

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Anougther thing to do is keep your coucil in the loop at all stages…yes get permission for that fund raiser or grant but also let’s say the grant is approved let them knew that way if reporter from your news paper is there and takes a picture for the local news paper they don’t get caught of guard. If asked about it. One good way is invite your de to your Facebook page that way they know the fundraiser went well or if it’s a continue one ( we do pop can collections for our town all year long)

Fiscal Policies and Procedures for BSA Units FAQs

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I haven’t seen that one before, @JenniferOlinger. How did you locate it?

I have seen it referenced before. I don’t know why it’s not more prominent.

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Apologies, @Bill_W. I missed that you had captured the document as well. How did you find it? I didn’t see a link from any of the BSA pages I had been watching for finance/fundraising info.

In this case from @JenniferOlinger’s post. For other searches

  • I use public search engines
  • Put target website at end of search string to limit search
  • Select appropriate synonyms and acronyms

55-plus years of finding and reading Scouting, Alpha Phi Omega and/or government documents helps. One of my first service projects to my chartered organization as a Scout was being an assistant school librarian

CAUTION::online archives like the scouting,org filestore can contain both old and new documents

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